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"Any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Top Twin Cities opportunities (provided by Microsoft
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For more information on any event:

Call 946-3113 or 946-3474 or follow any provided links.
E-mail us your request for more information.


Serving Thanksgiving meals to the poor
Holiday opportunities through the
United Way


Serving holiday meals to the poor
Gifts for needy children


Food Drive


Serving Easter meals to the poor
Blood Drive


School Supply Drive
School supplies are needed for low-income children in our area, and will collected at the
Hopkins area Family Resource Center - Monetary gifts welcomed too!


Habitat for Humanity
Blood Drive
Metro Paint-a-Thon

For 14 years ADC's people, friends and relatives have painted dozens of homes for disabled and elderly homeowners during the Paint-A-Thon weekend in August each year.

If you've never volunteered before, this is a great way to start! During the 1998 Paint-A-Thon, one elderly couple were both waiting to be released from the hospital while we painted their house. Imagine these were people you knew and cared about.

This is a tremendous service able-bodied persons can provide for an annual time commitment that averages out to less than 90 seconds a day. So join one of ADC's teams of 20-25 people for part of a Saturday - pizza is served, and energetic teams usually finish before mid-afternoon.

It's fun to give someone a nicely painted home: they feel good, you feel good, and it keeps neighborhoods nice places to live and work, bringing stability and beauty to neighborhoods throughout the metro area.

You can also help out in advance by joining a smaller team for a "scrape night" to prime and prepare the house for its coat of paint, or even sign up for both events. Call 946-3113 or go to contacting us to register in advance and join the thousands that rally to help in this event each year.

Sponsored by the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, the Paint-A-Thon represents only one of the many ways in which we contribute to our community. Also see ADC's Paint-A-Thon page on the WWW.

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