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"How wonderful it is that no one must wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
- Anne Frank

Why contact us?

For answers to your questions.
To share ideas about our services and this site.
To get help finding the right volunteer opportunity.
To give ADC feedback on corporate giving strategies.
To give us your feedback on what is useful to you as a volunteer/potential volunteer.
To pass along ANY ideas or viewpoints you'd like to share (we want to hear from you!)



Contact your ADC support team.

Our mission is to help the corporation do an effective job of contributing to the community and helping employees and retirees find and fill community service opportunities.

Some of us work part-time so please be patient - we will get back to you!

Sandra Larson
Manager of Contributions and Community Relations
Phone: 946-3113 or contact via E-mail

Wendy Markgraf
Community Relations Program Assistant
Phone: 946-3113 or contact via E-mail

Helen Canning
Assists in overseeing 3 ADC-sponsored volunteer projects: Anthony Middle School, Junior Achievement and BEEF.
Phone: 946-3113 or contact via E-mail

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