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Programming Services
Customization type Details Price for one page
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Advertisement Management A system that allows you to add, display and manage your advertisements $350 
Chat Script Let people meet each other and communicate via web based chat script $190 
Contact Form
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Receive feedback, order information, etc. to your e-mail from visitors of your website $50 
Counter Learn more about the visitors to your site. Track bandwidth and traffic usage. Discover your visitors browsers or resolution with the powerful state system $40 
Date and Time Do you want to display current date or time on your site? A full profit calendar, maybe? Let us make it for you. $25 
Discussion Board (Forum)
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Put a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable bulletin board into your site $180 
Domain Search
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Allow your users to check domain name availability right from your site. $90 
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Put your products on sale via Internet. Manage your items, shipping and orders online with our powerful shopping cart system $480 
Error Handling Replace the ugly error pages (e.g. "404 File Not Found", etc.) with template native ones $35 
FAQ Supply your visitors with the answers for the most frequently asked questions shopping cart system $120 
File Manipulation
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This script gives you the possibility to upload and manage files that you want your users to have access to $115 
Google Search Integrate all the power of Google search engine into your website $60 
Guestbook Allow your visitors to leave their comments about your site for you and other visitors $70 
Image Gallery and Manipulations This script allows you to create an online image gallery with automatic thumbnail generation and many other useful features $250 
Mailing List Manager Send newsletters to you visitors. Allow them to subscribe to multiple mailing lists at one time $120 
PHP-Nuke Theme Select template and we will create PHPNuke theme from it. $250 
Poll (Voting) Create an online poll, with possibility to view voting archives $75 
Postcard Allow people to send image and flash postcards from your website $320 
Site Recommendation Place "Tell a Friend" script to your site to increase your traffic $50 
Sitemap Automatic Bored to update your sitemap page every time you add pages to your site? The automatic site mapper will do this job for you. $180 
Sitemap Manual Don't let your visitors get lost on your site. Give them the map. $120 
Tests and Quizzes Create online tests and quizzes to make your site more entertaining $270 
Top Site Create your own website ratings based on users clicks $330 
User Authentication and Management
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Create a restricted area for your registered users only $90 
Web Search
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Allow people find useful information on your site. This feature is very convenient for your user and will leave a good opinion on your user $45