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We are the first classical Arabic
music ensemble
in the Twin Cities.

Salamat Music

A Traditional Music Ensemble performing classical Arabic music and providing performances, educational programs, music classes and lessons in Arabic Music. Salamat is a greeting in Arabic, and contains peace or "salam" within it.

Salamat hopes that by sharing this music with all those who appreciate great beauty, we can inspire understanding of one aspect of Middle Eastern culture. We are the Twin Cities' first classical Arabic music ensemble.

The word 'salamat' is an Arabic greeting formed from the word for peace (salaam). Formed prior to the September 11th tragedy, Salamat later appeared in public performances at the many benefit concerts around the cities last year.

Learn more about our upcoming concerts.

Members of Salamat have all studied extensively with master musicians and have impressive performing histories in Minnesota, across the US and abroad. Salamat also offers classes and private instruction.

Minnesota Global Arts, Inc. invites you to join an internet email list to receive notices of performing arts events in Minnesota in the traditions of North Africa, the Levant (Lebanon/Syria/Iraq/Palestine/Israel), Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, the Indian Subcontinent, Central Asia & the Persian Gulf!

Sign up at this website, or click here to sign up by sending an email. Minnesota Global Arts, Inc., is cofounded by Maryam Yusefzadeh-Keer and Miriam Gerberg.

Salamat can be contacted at:

PO Box 65664
St. Paul, MN 55165

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