What if ...


You had tools to raise self-reliant children in a self-indulgent world?


You knew of ways to discipline with dignity and respect?

. Create internally motivated, responsible & confident young people.
. Empower our children and ourselves in the process


There was a safe environment in which to discuss issues of raising children in today's world?

. Reduce conflict & increase dialogue
. Develop close relationships based on openness & honesty
. Improve classroom management, discipline, achievement, & morale

Do what comes naturally.

You will learn the simple, workable formulas that create effective communication, mutual respect, and personal empowerment.

This 10-session (one per week) course is to help bring higher efficiency to our families, classrooms, and workplaces, and uses audio tapes, discussion, applied problem solving, and worksheets.

You will learn positive discipline and Stephen Glenn's Significant Seven: I am capable, I contribute in meaningful ways and am genuinely needed, I can influence what happens to me, discernment, self-discipline, responsibility, and communication.

Get expert, practical advice.

Stephen Glenn, the author of this training, is an internationally acclaimed family psychologist who speaks to more than 200,000 people yearly. He has been a feature speaker at the White House and honored by Nancy Reagan as one of the nations most outstanding family life and prevention professionals.

Jane Nelson, co-author, has a doctorate in psychology along with experience from being mother of seven children.

Her books and trainings give thousands of parents, teachers and managers practical guidelines and principles to create mutual respect and trust in the home, classroom and workplace.


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 About your facilitator


Lynn Heninger has facilitated spiritually uplifting classes for the past 15 years, and began offering these classes over 4 years ago.

She has been trained in The Enlightened Woman, developed by Alamaia Will, and in Developing Capable People, developed by Stephen Glenn & Jane Nelson.

Lynn looks forward to working with everyone interested in empowering themselves and others by communicating with dignity and respect. Learning to empower herself was a life-changing experience for Lynn and she hopes this class will give each of you the opportunity for uplifting change.

So join the growing number of people who are discovering and empowering themselves: find out how you can continue your personal and spiritual development by empowering yourself and others today!



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 Registration/class information

 Lynn Heninger
 Contact us for info.
 Contact us for info.
Schedule: to be determined
Session 1  Contact us for info
Session 2-9  To be determined
Session 10  To be determined
Place:  Minneapolis home

HOW TO REGISTER FOR: Raising Terrific Kids
Step 1.
  Send an e-mail to beallur@uswest.net and include your name, phone, and mailing address and mention you are pre-registering for "Raising Terrific Kids"
Step 2.
  A confirmation letter will be mailed to you, with date, time and place of the class, and where to send your tuition (check or money order accepted).
Step 3.
  This course is based on the books Positive Discipline ($11) and Raising Self-reliant Children ($13). You may include the cost of book(s) you wish to order with your tuition check. Please note which book when ordering only one title.
Step 4.
  Send a check or money order made payable to Lynn Heninger for amount of the course (plus any additional amount for books you are ordering; optional - see above) to the address provided in your confirmation letter.
  Preregistration is required due to limited seating. Tuition must be received on or before deadline, postmarked no later than deadline. If tuition is not received in time you will not be registered. Refunds, transfers, & credits are not available for missed sessions.

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