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"How wonderful it is that no one must wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
- Anne Frank

Why contact us?

For answers to your questions.
To share ideas about our services and this site.
To get help finding the right volunteer opportunity.
To give ADC feedback on corporate giving strategies.
To give us your feedback on what is useful to you as a volunteer/potential volunteer.
To pass along ANY ideas or viewpoints you'd like to share (we want to hear from you!)



Have you really considered all you could gain from volunteering?

Here's a sample taken from interviews with volunteers of things they said they gained:

Networking and friendships
An expanded resume
Leadership experience
Management skills
Status and recognition
A chance to have an impact
Satisfaction and sense of purpose
Personal growth
Life experience I couldn't have gotten any other way
Family values
Community pride
A chance to explore a new career
A chance to help kids
Fun working with others

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