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ADC supports global development through the efforts of the International Service Agencies:

These combined 53 humanitarian relief and development charities promote sustainable development, self-sufficiency and, in turn, dignity, pride and hope.

ISA is the nation's recognized leader in raising funds at the workplace for the leading family of international relief and development agencies. Read answers to frequently asked questions about ISA at their website.

Through workplace giving campaigns, ISA raised $10.2 million for programs helping more than 159 million people worldwide.

Since World War II, humanitarian activities have increased as organizations moved beyond relief and emergency assistance to alleviating the base causes of poverty and improving the quality of human life in developing nations. In 1956, these organizations joined to form the International Service Agencies federation to raise money more cost-effectively and efficiently

In 1996, ISA member organization programs put contributors' gifts to good use. Results included:

Alleviating poverty

Fed 1,250 children a day by establishing food centers in government-controlled areas in Angola.

Distributed seeds to assist with food production/distribution disrupted by war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Increasing education opportunities

Encouraged over 500,000 people to read by assisting the Nepal Ministry of Education to implement a national literacy campaign.

Parents in Macedonia resurrected 11 primary schools through the Parent-School Project established to promote dialogue among various ethnic groups in order to strengthen schools.

Addressing environmental/agricultural problems

Helped refugees plant 320,000 fruit trees and 100,000 other plants and trees to encourage re-establishing agricultural practices in Afghanistan and decrease dependency on outside food sources.

Rehabilitated 22 wells and 7,700 meters of irrigation channels in indigenous communities in Peru to improve nutrition and income through traditional farming methods.

Restoring and improving healthcare

Improved eye health of 60 million people (95% of the population) in the Philippines by distributing Vitamin A capsules which prevent blindness and illness in children

Educated 65,000 Ivorian and Liberian refugees about AIDS through awareness and prevention programs in high-risk villages.

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