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More partners promoting vibrant communities and the arts:

Theatre de la Jeune Lune

Description: Important second-tier theater in the Twin Cities.

Program Goals: "We are a theatre of directness, a theatre that speaks to its audience, that listens and needs a response. We believe that theatre is an event. We are a theatre of emotions-an immediate theatre-a theatre that excites and uses a direct language- a theatre of the imagination."

The Loft

Description: A writing community fostering the artistic development of individual writers and creating a wider audience for literature. Largest such literary organization in U.S.

Program Goals: Provide people with the power to imagine, hope, inspire, challenge, educate, entertain and understand through the literary arts. Promote the diverse community of writers and readers vital to the life and health of society. Back to top

Milkweed Editions

Description: Second largest nonprofit publisher in U.S., publishing distinctive voices of literary merit in handsomely designed, visually dynamic books.

Program Goals: Humanely impact society by exploring the ethical, cultural, and esthetic issues that free societies need continually to address. Convey the essential experiences of the human heart and spirit by providing literature as a transformative art. Back to top

Child's Play Theatre Company

Description: Professionally-staffed arts organization providing young people (participants and audience members) with theater experience. Now in new Hopkins Art Center - needs additional help with transition costs.

Program Goals: Provide young people production and educational experiences in theatre that are high-quality, creative and character building. Back to top

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre

Description: A theater serving neighborhood development goals and contributing to children Back to top

Mixed Blood Theatre Company

Description: Professional, multi-racial theatre company with long-time emphasis on diversity.

Program Goals: Encourage cultural pluralism, individual equality, and artistic excellence. Back to top

Penumbra Theatre

Description: Theater presented from an African American perspective.

Program Goals: Professional productions that are artistically excellent, thought-provoking, relevant and entertaining. Back to top

Dale Warland Singers

Description: One of top choral music groups in the country. Back to top

Land of Lakes Choirboys

Description: Providing outstanding musical education to musically gifted Twin-City area children. Back to top

James Sewell Ballet

Description: Providers of a diverse, appealing repertoire based in ballet. The only dance group ADC is funding.

Program Goals: Broaden audience access and advance the dance art form. Provide a meaningful experience shared between artists and audiences. Back to top

Minnetonka Center for the Arts

Description: Wayzata-based organization providing visual arts and education for five decades.

Program Goals: Instruct children through seniors in painting, drawing, pottery, textiles, jewelry, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Back to top

The Minnesota Museum of American Art

Program Goals: Express through art the unfolding value of the American multicultural experience. Back to top


Description: Excellent, broad based programs bringing artists into the schools.

Program Goals: Strengthen people and communities in Minnesota by engaging them in creating art. Back to top

Great American History Theatre

Description: Commissioning, producing, and touring plays that dramatize the history, folklore and social issues of its region and other locales. Focuses on youth more than some theaters.

Program Goals: Provide a mirror to the lives of the people of Minnesota and the Midwest, and a window to other people and other times. Back to top

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