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Working Opportunities
for Women

Genesis II for Women

Hopkins Area
Family Resource Center

Sojourner Project

Metro Meals on Wheels

Volunteers Enlisted
to Assist People

Citizens League

League of Women Voters

Education Fund

Urban Coalition

Boys and Girls Club

Habitat for Humanity
Crow River

Community Services,

Family Hope Services

Greater Minneapolis
Day Care

MELD for families
and children

Loaves & Fishes Too

The Morton
Cure Paralysis
Golf Tournament

Park Avenue

Project for Pride
in Living

Rebuild Resources

Southeast Asian
Refugee Community
Home Assist

Tree Trust

Urban Ventures

Wilderness Inquiry

Big Brothers & Sisters
of Greater Minneapolis


Cornerstone Family
Support Network

MN Council
of Nonprofits

Opportunity Partners

Planned Parenthood

St. Stephen's Emergency
Shelter& Housing

Urban Ventures


Partners providing social services:

Working Opportunities for Women

Description: Providing full spectrum employment-related services for over twenty years to women in the seven-county metro area.

Program Goals: In providing comprehensive career services for unemployed, underemployed, and economically disadvantaged women, guided by the focus that "the unique, particular needs and barriers confronting women who seek employment and those attempting to gain career upward mobility, must be acknowledged and taken seriously by providers of career counseling, job development and job placement.".

Comments: Employment & Economic Development is high focus area of social service.

Genesis II for Women, Inc

Description: Provides intensive day treatment and training in parenting for women who have made inappropriate choices about their children and their lives.

Comments: Well-evaluated programs for families at risk. Back to top

Hopkins Area Family Resource Center

Description: Coordinates, implements community resources to service the needs of neighborhood schools, families and individuals in the Hopkins/Minnetonka area.

Comments: Has some ADC volunteers, is a partner for our "Mitten Tree." Back to top

Sojourner Project, Inc

Description: Prevents battering and helps build broken lives and strengthen families partly by running a shelter for women and children and intervening on women's behalf in court system in Hopkins, Orono, Mound, Wayzata.

Comments: Helps families at risk and supports shelters in our southwestern suburbs. Back to top

Metro Meals on Wheels

Description: Assists local programs throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area in maintaining, developing, and expanding quality meal delivery to homebound people.

Comments: Provide some safety-net funding and this is a collaborative of all metro programs-good cooperative venture. Back to top

Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People

Description: Providing basic services: food, emergency assistance, transportation and seasonal programs that respond to the needs of hunger, poverty, disability, isolation and the ongoing effects of these conditions

Program Goals: Achieved through volunteer services coordinated by a professional staff..

Comments: Safety-net funding in ADC's backyard. Back to top

Citizens League

Description: Promotes Minnesota public interest by involving citizens in identifying and framing critical public policy choices, forging recommendations and advocating their adoption

Comments: Funding civic/policy level programs: well-respected and effective. Good opportunity for employee learning. Back to top

The League of Women Voters Education Fund

Description: Seeking to bring about widespread civic participation of persons from all backgrounds and economic levels.The nonpartisan Education Fund does not lobby or influence legislation and does not support or oppose political candidates.

Comments: Unique and well respected on a small budget. Back to top

The Urban Coalition

Description: Increasing the capacity of low-income white and African American, American Indian, Asian/Pacific and Chicano/Latino communities to address public policy issues, economic and social concerns that are identified, and to promote the public dialogue through research-based policy and advocacy work.

Comments: Not a program that can get government monies, needed policy issue oriented program on low-income & racial groups: Historically has done good work. Back to top

Boys and Girls Club of Minneapolis

Description: Helps youth of all backgrounds to develop the qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders.

Program Goals: Special concern for those from disadvantaged circumstances.

Comments: Serves approximately 5,000 children at 3 sites, high level of disadvantaged children, 90% children of color. Back to top

Crow River Habitat for Humanity

Description: Building modest homes for families who cannot afford decent housing. A chapter of Habitat for Humanity (international, nonprofit, ecumenical, Christian housing ministry). Members are local volunteers who work in partnership with others and with families.

Executive Director: John Nichols.

Comments: Good results, increasing housing built this year. Back to top

Episcopal Community Services, Inc

Description: A family support agency dedicated to empowering families, children, and young adults to realize their full potential by reducing the barriers which limit their choices.

Program Goals: Bringing Parents Anonymous Plus and the ECS child prevention program, to four additional Twin Cities Metro locations. The program consists of the highly effective Nurturing Course, Respite Care, and Family mentoring along with traditional weekly Parents Anonymous groups.

Comments: Important program: this agency the only one providing parents anonymous services in Hennepin County. Back to top

Family Hope Services: Fred Peterson/557-8670

Description: Giving hope to hurting youth and their families leading to life transformation. Offering year-round balanced programs designed to teach participants to live as significant contributors in a changing world.

Program Goals: Each year through the TreeHouse program 600 at-risk adolescents having difficulties adjusting at home, school, or in the community. These youth and families are referred by social workers, school personnel, courts, juvenile diversion programs, crisis agencies, churches, or peers.

Comments: Worthy mission. Back to top

Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association (GMDCA)

Description: Dedicated to children and families by providing leadership, advocacy, and support for a comprehensive and high quality, child care system that is culturally comprehensive, affordable and accessible to all.

Comments: Key service to the community, particularly in light of welfare to work programs. Back to top


Description: Strengthen families on behalf of children by improving the quality of parenting in the United States.

Comments: Program is national model. Back to top

Loaves & Fishes Too

Description: Exists to feed the hungry, enlighten the public, empower guests and volunteers and develop change.

Comments: Providing a much needed safety net. Back to top

The Morton Cure Paralysis Golf Tournament

Description: Dedicated to finding a cure for paralysis.

Comments: All fundraising profits donated to not-for-profit organizations researching a cure for the devastating effects of spinal cord injuries. Back to top

Park Avenue Foundation

Description: Helping youth and families in South Minneapolis community improve their lives since 1985.

Program Goals: "Holistic" program designed to meet the many needs of the people of our community.

Comments: Supports, serves 500 children after-school program. Has an ADC board member. Back to top

Project for Pride in Living

Description: Assisting low and moderate income people to become self-sufficient by addressing their job, housing and neighborhood needs.

Comments: Excellent program, major impact in Twin Cities. Back to top

Rebuild Resources

Description: Providing security through immediate full-time temporary employment for unemployable young, disadvantaged, recovering chemically dependent individuals, ages 17 to 27.

Comments: Youth aided are unemployed due to negative performances in previous employment, limited work skills, low self esteem and poor motivation towards employment. Back to top

Southeast Asian Refugee Community Home Assist

Description: (Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, and Vietnamese) refugees and former refugees to become self-sufficient, integrate into the American society and contribute to the economic and social well-being of their new homeland of Minnesota and the United States.

Comments: Getting good employment results via its evaluation studies. Back to top

Tree Trust

Description: Providing education and employment experiences that develop individual responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Comments: Helps youth with employment experience. Back to top

Urban Ventures: Art Erickson/822-1628

Description: Building successful community within our city by addressing the basic needs of our community residents through:
- Creating meaningful work opportunities
- Supporting quality education and developing youth leadership
- Working to strengthen families
- Facilitating local residential and business ownership
- Promoting spiritual and moral well-being
- Restoring neighborhoods to be stable, attractive and safe.

Comments: Working in significant core city area. Back to top

Wilderness Inquiry

Description: Outdoor education and adventure experiences providing opportunities that integrate people with and without disabilities.

Comments: This model program needs more ADC volunteers. Back to top

Big Brothers & Sisters of Greater Minneapolis

Description: Matches children with mentors. Grew from 323 matches in92 to 580 in 96. Currently over 675. 75% poverty, 85% single parent families, 58% non-white, children age 7-12, 44%, 13-18 56%.

Program Goals: Concerned about effects of welfare reform, single parents gone even more-supervision for children or teens must supervise smaller children "house arrest". Cites Search Institutes # one resource needed by children is "ongoing relationships with caring adults and #2 safe places and structured activities. Goal of 2,000 matches by 2,000. Needs new materials to get matches off to a good start. Cost of a mentorship to B&S is $2,200.

Comments: Great for ADC volunteers. Most sophisticated mentoring program in US. Back to top


Description: Communities MN largest nonprofit provider of affordable housing. Housing communities in 25 municipalities in greater metropolitan area. 3,200 live in CommonBond housing, 750 children. Average income of $10,000.

Program Goals: Help with self-sufficiency, resident leadership and on-site services, attempting to promote economic self-reliance. Each community has independent board of directors to link with local resources.

Comments: 60% of income from fees paid by homeowners. Back to top


Description: Preventing domestic abuse. Local battered women's shelter.

Program Goals: Relationship Abuse Program works with junior and senior high school students in Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina and Richfield providing education and support on the issues of violence and abuse in their personal relationships.

Comments: Survey of teens girls found 73% disagree that abuse/violence happens in only a few dating relationships and this is prior to presentation when many students are defining abuse only as physical. Back to top

Family Support Network

Description: Support groups for parents whose families were at risk for abuse or neglect. 50 support groups or chapters statewide with 2,200 parents and children and more than 900 volunteers. Professional facilitators are volunteers.

Comments: In 1994 16,991 cases of child abuse involving 26,213 were reported in MN. $300 per parent is cost effective approach-wonder about collaboration with other social service agencies. Back to top

MN Council of Nonprofits

Description: Provides nonprofits with training, joint purchasing, advocacy, conference, web-site-database on nonprofits; issues reports.

Program Goals: Association of more than 800 nonprofit organizations for the purpose of strengthening the nonprofit sector.

Comments: 12th year. Back to top

Opportunity Partners

Description: Assisting those with developmental disabilities for over 40 years with a job and a place to live.

Program Goals: Overcome severe financial challenges as more folks turn to them at same time government services are cut.

Comments: Serves 900 folks daily in 12 locations. ADC uses services as partner. Back to top

Planned Parenthood

Description: Serves 50,000 patents annually in its network of 24 community based clinics in MN and South Dakota. 70% of patients are low income.

Program Goals: Birth control , preventive reproductive health care, cancer screening, HIV testing, counseling-advocacy re responsible sexual decision-making. Works with U of MN on program in Phillips neighborhood "Reach one/each one-reached over 400 teens in 96. 2 clinics provide abortion.

Comments: Overall presentations reach 14,000. Target high risk populations. Back to top

St. Stephen's Shelter Emergency Shelter and Housing Services Program

Description: Services to the homeless since 1981.

Program Goals: Reduce barriers for homeless to get to work-tuition, books, child care, transportation. Honeywell's volunteers work with shelter. Need volunteers. Provides 40 beds and comprehensive program that paces 240 families and 80 singles into permanent housing each year with intensive case management services.

Comments: Emphasis is employment, also one of best shelter programs. Back to top

Urban Ventures

Description: Community development corporation "reweaving" inner-city neighborhood in Central area of Mpls.

Program Goals: Focus is on economic development. To date helped bring 67 new jobs to our model block. Has youth club, emergency food & items, center for gathering, learning & technology center.

Comments: 39,500 residents receive 49% of all Mpls public assistance funds. 35% live below the federal poverty level and unemployment is 40% of men in neighborhood. Back to top

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