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"The needs of a human being are sacred."

"Their satisfaction cannot be subordinated either to reasons of state, or to any consideration of money, nationality, race, or color, or to the moral or other value attributed to the human being in question, or to any consideration whatsoever. "

- Simone Weil

Help our partners promote education:

Our goal is to help create a well educated and trained population by focussing in four areas:

Science, math, technical education and training
At risk populations or the educationally disadvantaged
Basic education and quality of education issues
Pre-school readiness

Learn about our key partners:

Junior Achievement (information or website)
Anthony Community Middle School (information or website)
Business Economics Education Foundation of MN, Inc. (information or website)
Science Museum of Minnesota (information or website)
Dunwoody Institute (information or website)

Other important partners:

The Institute for Education and Advocacy

Description: Strengthening the capacity of refugee and immigrant communities to share equitably in, and contribute to, the educational, economic, and social health of the community. IEA runs the Abraham Lincoln High School for New Americans with the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Program Goals: To provide Somali refugee youth attending the Abraham Lincoln High School for New Americans with additional tutoring in science, math and computer literacy.

Comments: Combines science & technology focus on high risk, under-served group with very clear goals and timeline.

Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth

Description: Providing and maintaining an educational community where students can enlarge their academic and social visions, and experience the joy and excitement of learning. Premier academic enrichment program. Provides hands-on summer school programs (1/3 in science and math area). Attracts and retains master teachers for the program. 80% from public schools, 26% students of color, 30% receive scholarships, 14% from southwestern suburbs.

Program Goals: Support summer school in math and science.

Comments: Successful program, high priority focus. For related information see their website.

Minnesota New Country School

Description: A charter school located in LeSueur that emphasizes use of technology.

Program Goals: Software and training in the areas of UNIX, Windows NT, Internet, and the World Wide Web to implement MNCS Internet Connection project started last year.

Comments: Educational effort in an ADC city focusing on our priority areas.

U of M James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History

Description: Exploring the diversity of life in the natural world to promote an understanding and appreciation for nature through excellence in collections, education, and research.

Program Goals: We have forged a partnership between the state of MN, Minnesota schools and the Bell Museum to unite the strong distance learning science programs of the Museum with a corresponding need for engaging and integrated science education into our schools. This will enable schools to access the Jason Project which is computer based science experiment curriculum.

Comments: Meeting their objectives in this high priority area. For information about volunteer opportunities at the Bell Museums call Kevin Williams, curator of education at (612) 624-3898, or write him at Bell Museum of Natural History, U of M, 10 Church St. SE, Mpls MN 55455.

U of M Duluth Engineering Day

Description: Inspiring interest in engineering among high school students and encouraging them to enroll in the engineering programs at both the community colleges and at UMD.

Comments: High priority.

Lao Parents and Teachers Association

Description of goals:
Develop children's and youths' self esteem, learning readiness, academic achievement, coping skills, and positive attitudes toward school:
Cultivate parents' skills and increasing their knowledge of parenting and involvement in their children's education
Strengthen the partnership between parents and schools through information sharing and promoting mutual understanding
Teach Lao culture and language to strengthen the relationship between parents and their children.

National Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Description: This nationally recognized organization generates support towards the educational advancement of Hispanics to double the rate of Hispanics earning college degrees by the year 2006. For related information see their website.

Comments: Solid organization, important objectives.

Person to Person

Description: Supporting low-income neighbors striving to achieve self-sufficiency.

Program Goals: Volunteers go into the homes or community rooms focusing on basic GED etc. Gets to clients not served by other programs. Works with volunteers trained through MN Literacy program.

Comments: A small organization with good reputation, leadership and a unique approach that reaches this very hard to serve group.

Friends of Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation

Description: Building an endowment through community foundations and securing unrestricted gifts in support of MAEF programs and operations whose mission is to recognize and promote academic excellence in Minnesota students, schools and communities.


Description: Enriching the arts and humanities for the public and private schools LeSueur and Henderson

Comments: Very few resources for area children to be exposed to arts, struggling organization.

Dollars for Scholars: LeSueur

Description: Awarding senior high students with college scholarships at LeSueur High school.

Comments: ADC volunteers involved recommend this program, working in significant core city area.

Hopkins School District's LifeLab

Description: An experimental, applied and contextual learning initiative designed for all K-12 students in the Hopkins School District being integrated into classroom curriculum including transitional subjects like math, physics, English and social studies.

Comments: Both a career survey and work-based experiential program that begins in elementary school with students identifying their interests and skills and continues through high school where students learn about various careers in depth and finalize their plans for post-secondary education and/or career.

Minnesota Private College Fund

Description: Helping any qualified student wishing to attend a private college in Minnesota the financial opportunity to obtain a top-notch education at any one of our 15 member colleges. Focused on educating students to meet the changing needs of businesses in a global economy. For related information see their website.

Comments: Provides scholarships in ADC name targeted to science and technology.

Project Success

Description: Providing a practical program using theater and school-based workshops to empower young people to discover what they can be and to take action on their discoveries.

Comments: Good program.

University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management

Description: Funding for scholarships and other programs.

University of Minnesota Duluth - Engineering Scholarship

Description: Scholarships that are designed to assist, encourage and retain the most talented junior and senior engineering students.

Comments: High priority focus.

Youth Trust

Description: Bringing school, employers and community resources together to help youth develop marketable skills. This mission is delivered through three distinct program areas: School Partners, New Workforce and Wham!. These three programs are outstanding, yet different, examples of strategies to prepare Minneapolis youth for employment or higher education.

Comments: Strong supporter of business school connections.

YWCA: Girl Power of Minneapolis

Description: This after-school, hands-on enrichment program provides a safe, fun, all-girl math & science-rich environment for at-risk girls ages 6-14. Girl Power increases knowledge and enjoyment of math and science while addressing self-esteem, female development and body image.

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