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Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Help low income families realize a dream, a home of their own through their own sweat equity and yours - a great group effort.

Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide organization building homes for low-income people who cannot afford market priced homes. The mission is to eliminate substandard housing and to make simple, decent, affordable housing a matter of conscience for all.

The new homeowner must put in significant time working with the volunteers to qualify. ADC is planning to become more involved in this effort in 1999.

However, single volunteers can spend a day, an evening a week if spots are available. This will be checked out with Habitat. We would also be interested in learning if you are interested in joining an ADC team in 1999.

Volunteer commitment: Beyond helping with house building the organization has many other volunteer opportunities as listed on their web site under "How you can help." You may also call 946-3113 for more information.

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