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"A leader may chart the way . but many leaders and many people must do the building."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

About ADC's Mission.

Over the years ADC has demonstrated its commitment to the community in many ways:

In addition to giving 2% of profits and products to charitable causes, ADC takes a leadership position in promoting the federated fund drives of The United Way, HealthFund, Environmental Fund and United Arts, as well as matching the gifts of ADC's people to these drives.

We are proud of the many hours employees devote to their own chosen charitable causes. Around the country our business units are involved in local volunteer efforts along with financial contributions to improve their local communities.

ADC also sponsors a matching gift program to promote charitable giving by its employees to colleges, universities, technical schools, public radio and public TV, while also encouraging employees to volunteer through community partnerships and with excellent nonprofits.

ADC's 3-part mission:

Improve the future of our community through science and technology.

Encourage employees to contribute time and talent and resources to the community.

Improve the quality of life in core cities and municipalities where ADC employees live and work.

ADC is proud to be a member of the Keystone Club, a group representing corporations that give two to five percent of their gross profits to nonprofit organizations.

ADC's corporate giving focus:

Higher Education & Technical training in areas of science, engineering & technology

K-12 Education with an emphasis on science and technology, career planning

Services to promote family and individual self-sufficiency
Prevention programs for children and youth.

As you can see, ADC is committed to support organizations and programs that promote self-sufficiency of low-income residents, youth, seniors and neighbors with disabilities, among others.

Who receives ADC grants?

There are three parts to receiving a grant to help ADC achieve it's mission:

Organizations completing the application process must
Meet appropriate mission guidelines and finally
Excel in the criteria used to measure overall high standards of operation.

See those organizations currently supported by ADC in our community partners section.

You may review charitable contributions made during fiscal year 1997 (November 1, 1996 through October 30, 1997), by downloading the 1997 Community Contribution Program Annual Report for viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader. ADC employees may also call 946-3113 if you have not already received a copy of this report

ADC CEO Bill Cadogan:

"ADC supports community involvement for all its people, because we are interested in lending a hand to those in need."

"For our people and retirees, we have networked activities that leverage the mission of our corporate giving. This network can help you find work with stimulating people in areas of your own personal interests and needs, and it's a fun and interesting way to find greater individual and career growth. You benefit, your community benefits, and most of all someone in need benefits.

"So become interested in lending a hand to those in need. As a volunteer myself, I highly recommend everyone find a way to give back to the community."

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