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"In necessary things, unity; in disputed things, liberty; in all things, charity."
  Q: What is the best use of MY experience, finances and time?

A: See the common questions page. Topics include:

What if I'm too busy to volunteer?
Can volunteering add career skills to my resume?
How can I make the money I give do the most good?
See the complete list of questions and answers
Send us e-mail with your questions or suggestions

Q: How can I help ADC's philanthropy program achieve its mission?

A: Help community partners in areas such as:

Access to technology/telecommunications
Well-being for families and youth
Reducing poverty, increasing self-sufficiency
See all areas our partners work in

Q: How can I find a project that needs my skills and experience?

A: Any of these options will give you a good start:

Let the professionals at the Management
Assistance Project find the right project for you
Try the opportunity finder tips or search engines
Contact your ADC community service office for advice

Q: Why should I get involved? Why
do others get involved?

A: One answer: consider what you gain. Volunteers interviewed said some things they gained were:

Expanded skills and experience to add to their resume
A sense of purpose & satisfaction not found elsewhere
Sharing family values with their children
Read the article the sharing cycle
See the complete report of what volunteers said.

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